Best Choice for Restaurants, Hospitality Industry, Food Vendors, Caterers, Butchers, and Entry-level Food Manufacturers

Our range of Bench Top Vacuum Packaging machines are ideal for entry-level food manufacture and smaller production facilities.

Reliable, durable and innovative, this range offers value for money with simple clean and easily serviceable features.

Specially designed seal bar lengths for effective use with the most commonly used sizes of the vacuum bag.

Vacpack has manufactured custom trolleys that have proven to be a very popular option for saving bench space improving maneuverability and storage for our  Bench Top Vacuum Packers.

bench top vacuum packer turbo by vacpack vacpack

Features and Benefits of Vacpack Bench Top Vacuum Packers

Removable Seal Bars – Easy cleaning & maintaining hygiene practices

Five different Bench Top Models – A machine to suit all applications

Custom-built stainless steel trolleys – Makes Vacuum Packers mobile easy to move around

Robust industrial build standards – Longer life / More reliable Vacuum Packers

The next  feature is what makes Turbovac machines stand out most from our competitors

Any food producer who has vacuum-packed liquids knows that liquids will boil during the cycle and spillage will likely occur.

When the vacuum in the chamber is below atmospheric pressure, liquids boil at room temperature and moist products can in fact cook.

Automatic H2O sensor programmeThe vacuum sensor will know when bubbling starts and automatically stop, to avoid any spillage = more regulated vacuum cycles, less food waste, saves valuable prep and cleaning time.

Read our article about vacuum pressure vs temprature of liquid.

VACPACK Bench top vacuum packers


vackpack bench top vacuum packer model S20


vacpack Bench top vacuum packers

Fully custom made trolley is available for each model