Vacpack Combination Cook Tank / Tumble Chiller

Our Cook Tank / Tumble Chiller from Regethermic is a combination cooker and tumble chiller which has the capability to:  

  • Sous Vide cook or pasteurise 400kg of product in food grade bags per cycle. 
  • Tumble chill product, either by static cooling or tumble chilling with up to 650kg in the drum. The bags for tumble chilling can be from 500ml to 10 litres.  
cook tank and tumble chiller


Automatically chill after cooking to meet the exact parameters required for the Cook Chill process. 

Temperature reduction of product can be from 90°C to below 3°C in 45 to 60 minutes. 


Simply load the drum with product to be cooked or pasteurised, set the temperature and time and let it cook to your precise requirements.  

Even set it to cook overnight, so as when arriving back in your facility in the morning, all the cooking & chilling is done and ready for storage or further processing.