Save Time and Money with Cook Chill

Cook Chill uses a centralised kitchen to extend the shelf life of food for 28 days without sacrificing taste, texture, aroma or nutrition. As a result, food can be prepared at a central kitchen before being moved to multiple service points, held and then used. By extending shelf life a centralised Cook Chill kitchen allows for cost savings through bulk buying and preparation of ingredients. It gives a business the ability to use product across multiple sites as and where needed. This increases food storage and utility options while reducing both food wastage and the cost and difficulty of obtaining and retaining skilled staff.

The Cook Chill system brings multiple benefits to your business including:

Certainty around production cost and food quality: 

Under the Cook Chill system food is refrigerated – NOT FROZEN. This means that under cold storage, food maintains its cellular structure and therefore its taste, consistency, texture, colour, and aroma. All with the added benefit of a safe extended shelf life of 28 days. As a result, product is always available at a pre-determined cost and guaranteed quality.

Prepare once – Serve often

As a result of this extended shelf-life food does not need to be served and consumed immediately after cooking. Instead, food can be pre-prepared at a central kitchen and then regenerated as and when needed across multiple sites.

Improved stoarge options and reduced food wastage: 

Because food can be regenerated as and where needed Cook Chill reduces waste from over preparing food for daily needs. Additionally, refrigerated “food banks” provide emergency back up in case of natural disasters, staffing issues, Covid lock downs and work stoppages.

Buy in bulk – Prepare in bulk:

The extension in safe shelf life also allows for bulk food preparation. With bulk preparation comes the ability to buy in bulk. This gives production kitchens the ability to pursue outside food supply contracts and expands their capabilities to supply and increase their business.

Increased food versatility: 

Increased storage capabilities also allow businesses to pre-prepare foods such as soups, chowders, sauces, gravies, jus, mashed and pureed vegetables as well as chillies, stews, curries and pie fillings. The Cook Chill system allows for such items to be stored and regenerated as completed menu items or as bases for further dishes.

Reduced production and staffing costs: 

By increasing production efficiencies, storage capabilities and food versality Cook Chill reduces the need for highly trained production employees. Employees can also be more easily scheduled on a standard production shift. By decreasing food production regularity but increasing food production batch sizes a Cook Chill operation can reduce operating costs by 35% or more.

The Cook Chill system works in 4 easy steps:

1. Food preparation / Cooking:

Vacpack supply 40-470L Dieta Kettles that attach directly to filling stations. These work to streamline food preparation and to move it seamlessly into the filling stage– without sacrificing sanitation.

2. Packaging / Filling: ook Tank/Tumble Chiller in One:

This can be either semi or fully automated. Talk to Vacpack today to see which system is best for your kitchen.

3. Chilling / Cool Down Process:

This step commonly utilises a tumble chiller, which is essentially a water bath for bagged products and works by circulating the product in cold water. For smaller production we recommend an ice bucket with a circulator pump with integration of a tumble chiller as a future step. From Blast Chillers, Tumblle Chillers to Ice Water Baths we are uniquely placed to help you implement the best equipment for your kitchen. As an added benefit our tumble chillers can also be used as sous vide cookers for batches up to 400kg.

4. Storage:

At Vacpak we recommend our double bottomed seal bags which can be filled up to 8 Litres to maximise your storage capabilities. We only use bags designed for Cook Chill refrigeration or freezer operations. Our specialised bags can withstand boiling temperatures and down to -20°C freezing temperatures.

Experts advice and assistance

From small entry level to mass production kitchens, VACPACK is the only company in NZ that offers this leading-edge technology as a complete turnkey process. We take the time to formulate a clear understanding of your requirements before helping you create the best possible options for your kitchen – From Cook Chill operation & design to machinery and component supply and installation, followed up by our expert in-house training program. We’re onsite every day and here to help with advice on the best solutions for your food production requirements.

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