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Vacpack Tumble chiller

Do you prep stews, soups, sauces or pie fillings in bulk? 

  • Reduce production frequency  
  • Produce larger batches, less often  

            -Less Labour 

            -Cost effective ingredients 

  • Less Food Waste 
  • Healthier product   

Cook Chill is based around hot fill, this is where a product is cooked then pasteurised to a minimum core temperature.  It is then filled at a lower, stabilised temperature and pumped into specialised Cook Chill barrier bags 

Using specified temperatures for cooking and a rapid cooling process post bagging, product is safe to be refrigerated for extended periods of time.  Cook Chill is a process that doesn’t require Vacuum Packing  

You might be thinking, “Our production is too small to use Cook Chill”.  Wrong, the process can be used for the smallest of manufacturers.  In fact, a lot of the time these smaller producers are the ones that Cook Chill really benefits. 

Your current cooking equipment can be used.   

  1. Manually fill a Cook Chill Bag.  We have pedestal holders to open the bag for this process 
  2. Seal the bag with a standard heat sealer 
  3. Chill in a bucket of ice  

Vacpack equipment to make Cook Chill easier: 

  • Bags – Only use bags designed for cook-chill refrigeration or freezer operations. Our specialised bags can withstand boiling temperatures to -20°C freezing temperatures. 
  • Kettles –Dieta kettles are designed to cook large quantities of food from 40-470L – specialised to integrate with the full production line we can supply. 
  • Pump Fill Station – Pump straight from the kettle into the bag – without sacrificing sanitation. 
  • Tumble chiller – Tumble chillers are a water bath for bagged productsLarge chilling tanks that circulate the product in cold water. 
  • Ice bucket with circulator pump – For smaller production where a tumble chiller is a future step 
  • Cook Tank/Tumble chiller in one –Vacuum packed food is cooked with warm water (Sous Vide) – then chilled with cold water in a single, all-in-one unit.  This can be a process done overnight with no staff required