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Food waste is a recognised global problem and anyone who eats food can and should contribute by implementing the changes required to reduce food waste and save themselves money at the same time.

Food producers, growers, manufacturers, restaurants, retail outlets and everyone at home is responsible for creating the problem and we can all play our part in finding the solutions.

There are numerous ways that food waste can be minimised by everyone and we at Vacpack are serious about helping find solutions for all of the above sectors within our community, from the largest manufacturers down to everyone at home and everyone in between.

Global studies seem to agree that between 30% to 40% of all food produced globally is wasted, with an estimated value of over $680 billion in developed countries alone, yet Simple methods can be adopted by everyone to ensure food remains safe to eat for longer and therefore reducing food waste.

Food waste produces large amounts of methane gas, which (according to climate change experts) is one of the main contributing greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

They state that the carbon footprint created by food produced and not eaten (after the USA and China) is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet.

We at Vacpack offer the expertise and the solutions to keep food safe, fresh, tasty and natural for longer, without all the additives.

Of course, saving money on wasted food is also a great incentive for adopting smarter food handling, processing and storage habits.

The methods and processes we presently offer to help achieve this goal for small and large food producers and households alike are: 

  • Vacuum packaging systems & bags. 
  • Cook Chill systems. 
  • Cooking / Mixing Kettles & Pneumatic Fillers. 
  • Cook Tank / Tumble Chillers. 
  • Sous Vide cooking systems. 
  • Blast Chillers. 
  • Other MAP systems and packers. 

By implementing our systems a realistic safe shelf life of 28 to 35 days is achievable for many fresh food portioned products, such as soups, sauces, custards, curries, stews, mashed potato, when filled into bags, dishes or bottles and when using a combination of the systems we offer. 

Freezing can give many food items a year or more, without the normal freezer burn or ice crystallisation that is associated with the spoiling of frozen food products 

It is however critical that smart handling, processingpackaging and storage techniques are adopted and adhered to. This applies to both commercial organisations and in the home kitchen equally. 

Safe food handling practices do play a major roll in the extended shelf life of food products, but this alone will not combat many of the other issues that smart processing, packing and correct storage can achieve. 

To cover all aspects and methods of what we offer in one article would almost certainly give you heavy eyelids, so we will be publishing a series of informative articles and each one will cover a section of what can be done by utilising some of our handling, processing, packing and storage systems and techniques.  

Some of these will require no capital outlay so you could get underway immediately on your campaign of reducing food waste.  

Put money back in your pocket and do your bit towards reducing these harmful gases by contacting us at VACPACK.