Food production has significantly ramped up due to the nationwide shutdown resulting in food producers seeking more efficient ways to produce larger batches of nutritious food.

In an incredibly short space of time food producers have found themselves often working with less team members and under a unique set of circumstances. They are also acutely mindful about maintaining strict health and safety protocols in particular to distancing. In addition, food being produced needs to last longer – without compromising quality, nutrition or safe shelf life.

Many companies are currently under pressure to identify ways to increase production quickly and implement ways to sustainably enable the supply of large quantities of ready meals for aged care facilities, hospitals, mission kitchens and home delivered meals.

Current methods in which some food lines are prepared, packaged and distributed may never be the same again and many of the changes we are all currently experiencing will be here to stay.
Vacpack have a number of ways to achieve increased production and build economies of scale for the supply of larger batch, fresh, safe, nutritious and well-presented foods to end users.

In particular, our Cook-Chill technology leads the way for large batch production of many food lines, including stews, soups, sauces, meats and vegetables. Large capacity Cook Chill, vacuum packaging, tray lidding and skin packing are all methods of ensuring the Cook Chill process is best utilised and delivered to satellite kitchens and end consumers alike.

Vacpack designs systems and provides training to ensure practical solutions for your business are successfully achieved and become a part of everyday food handling, production, packaging and storage practices.

Please note during this period orders for food product facilities can be sent from our warehouse, during strictly monitored despatch times.

Whilst we are currently working remotely, we will be available throughout the shutdown period to share freely our knowledge, advice and chat about options for both small and large production facilities.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all the food producers, supermarket workers and medical professionals who are going to extra efforts to care for our communities.

Thanks for having our backs, we have yours too.