Cut Production Costs with a Central Kitchen

Cook Chill uses a centralised kitchen to extend the shelf life of food for 28 days without sacrificing taste, texture, aroma or nutrition. As a result, food can be prepared at a central kitchen before being moved to multiple service points, held and then used.
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Cook Chill

Introducing Cook Chill

Cook Chill allows you to extend shelf life by packaging a product that is cooked then pasteurised to a minimum core temperature. Our specialised equipment fills the contents at a lower, stabilised temperature before hygienically pumping it into specialised Cook Chill barrier bags.
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Vacpack - Face Mask Story

The Face Mask Story

The comfortable, washable, reusable face masks have a triple layer design consisting of a breathable 100% linen outer, a polypropylene non-woven barrier core and a 100% white cotton lining. Elastic straps fit behind the head, so you can comfortably wear the mask for extended periods.
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Restaurant Lifeline: Ready Meal Packaging

A quick solution for producing and packaging safe and hygienic ready meals for takeaways and retail sales. If you need to get cooking, packing and distributing asap, your best option is one of our vacuum packaging machines and high barrier vacuum bags.
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