Continued downpours and flood risk appear set to worsen existing Covid delays in sourcing imported raw materials and packaging. However, this may be creating a new opportunity for smart food manufacturers. By embracing new technology innovative businesses can off-set raw material shortages.

Companies who are growing their present product ranges while investing time and money into developing new commodities are doing best. These businesses are monitoring sales and profitability, daily efficiency, and production capabilities. Generally, they are taking advantage of government grants and incentives or low to no interest loans to keep improving in-house technology.

New Zealand owned food production and packaging specialists D&L Packaging and Vacpack see an opportunity to off-set raw material shortages with new technology:

 “Businesses who are prepared to innovate to grow will continue to place more and more local products on our supermarket’s shelves. Ultimately food manufacturers who work well with the tools and options available to them can thrive.”

Innovation is key:

Innovation is key says D&L Packaging and Vacpack naming their Cook Chill technology as an example. The technology works to extend the safe shelf-life of food and so allows for larger batch production. Larger batches allow businesses to produce more, less often and at less cost. This in turn allows for bulk storage and bulk distribution to satellite kitchens or off-site regeneration facilities.

Basically, extending the safe shelf life of food gives manufacturers the benefit of building a mobile foodbank.  This minimizes both labour and processing costs while increasing productivity and versatility:

“Cook Chill extends the safe shelf-life of food for a minimum of 28 days while maintaining the texture, nutritional value, taste and aromas of the product. Many foods can be frozen for a year or more, without the normal freezer burn associated with frozen food products. This ensures smoother production planning with a consistently high-quality end-product and outstanding shelf appeal.”

In short, to off sett raw material shortages continued investment into improved production is key, says D&L Packaging and Vacpack:

“In our case, extending the safe shelf-life of food hinges on quality materials utilised within effective processing and packaging systems. We continuously tailor our systems, equipment and consumables to meet this need and Cook Chill is a prime example of such innovation.”

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From 13-15 June Vacpack will also be showcasing their systems at the Fine Foods New Zealand show in Auckland giving food manufacturers an opportunity to find out what systems would suit them best.