The Frimaq Range: world-leading packaging technology

With the Frimaq range, Vacpak offers complete ‘start to finish’ thermofromer systems as well as modular ‘clip-in’ systems.

European based Frimaq, takes a detail-oriented approach to their designs and innovate constantly. As a result, the Frimaq range includes high quality cutting-edge technology. We believe both local consumers and business deserve the best. That is why we have partnered with Frimaq to bring this world leading technology to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

We offer an extensive range of Frimaq systems. However, we are particularly pleased to be make exciting new eco-friendly skin-packed cardboard base systems available locally. Bases can even be pre-printed with individualised business logos and images to increase visual appeal, brand awareness and consumer recognition.

The Frimaq range – An Overview:

The Frimaq range helps you create safer, more visually appealing products in a few simple steps.

What the Frimaq range includes:

  • Pre-made trays and bases
  • Stand-alone tray-making machines
  • Semi-automatic tray making, packing and sealing systems, and
  • Fully automatic tray making, packing, sealing and thermofroming systems.

How the Frimaq range works

  1. Pre-made trays can be purchased or die-cut and formed using a range of Frimaq machines
  2. Product is packed onto pre-formed pre-formed trays or boards.
  3. From here a variety of Frimaq systems can be used to hermetically seal the product with a crystal-clear transparent barrier film.

The vacuumed barrier film creates an atmosphere-free environment. This stable packaging environment helps keep food fresher for longer. As a result the systems reduces waste while enhancing quality and shelf appeal. It also acts to lock in flavours, helping items such as marinated meats reach their full potential.

This means the Frimaq range is ideal for items such as meat, fish, ready-meals, marinated products, delicatessen meats, cheese and poultry.

Check out the Frimaq Range:

Cardboard Base Systems

Consumers are demanding more effective eco-friendly packaging options (read the full article here). That is why we have introduced the Frimaq Range of cardboard base products.

These systems can help reduce plastic waste by as much as 80%.  Vacpack offers an extensive range of cardboard base products as well as stand alone, semi-automatic and automatic cardboard base packaging systems.

Vacpack is currently the only company in New Zealand that can offer this range of innovative machinery and cardboard base products.

The Frimaq range of Tray Sealer machines are suitable for sealing a range of trays to suite your individual business needs.

The tray sealing method provides an airtight seal that minimises cross-contamination from the environment. As a result, Tray Sealing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in food packaging. It is one of the top methods of packaging for the ready meal industry.

Tray sealing can be cobined with with gas flushing and vacuum packaging to keep ppoduct fresher for longer. Tray sealing provides extra securirty as it is clear if a product has been tampered with.

The Frimaq range of commercial tray sealers can be combined with Vacpack’s  Cook Chill Systems for improving product yield, flavour, and microbiological integrity while retaining freshness.


Frimaq Thermoformer are automatic process packaging machine. They are used to form containers into which product can be placed and sealed.

This system is suitable for a range of base products including: flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, skin, retractable, flat carton and formed carton.

It can be used as part of a range of Frimaq systems including: Empty, Gas, Skin 0, Skin 20, Skin 60, Reverse Skin and Retractable systems.

The flexibility of the system is ideal for a range of products including: solids, liquids, hot foods, deli items and frozen foods.

As part of a focus on eco-friendly food packaging options, the thermoformer can also be used with a range of cardboard base systems. These include formed and die cut cardboard tray systems.