Frimaq Tray Sealers

The range of Frimaq Tray Sealers are suitable for sealing a variety of trays to suite your individual business needs.

The tray sealing method provides an airtight seal. As a result, it minimises cross-contamination from the environment. This has made Tray Sealing one of the fastest-growing sectors in food packaging. As a result, it is now also one of the top methods of packaging for the ready meal industry.

Tray sealing can be cobined with with gas flushing and vacuum packaging to keep product fresher for longer. Due to the nature of the finsihed product, tray sealing provides extra securirty by clearly showing any product tampering.

The Frimaq range of commercial tray sealers can be combined with Vacpack’s  Cook Chill Systems for improving product yield, flavour, and microbiological integrity while retaining freshness.

Maxi Skin +40 tray and board packer

Frimaq Maxi Skin +40 Tray and Board Packer
Frimaq Maxi Skin +40 Tray and Board Packer

For smaller production, choose our Model Maxi Skin +40 tray and board packer.

Food is placed on the board then skin film is adhered to the pack. This eliminates all outside atmosphere, extending the safe shelf life of the product. 

The system is ideal for packaging products such as salmon and other fish & meat products, steak, mince, sausages, bacon, poultry, delicatessen items, cheese, ready meals and more.

The most common board sizes are 180mm x 260mm and 180mm x 250mm.

Follow the link to see the Maxi Skin +40 in action

TSA 626 / TSA-826 Skin+60 Automatic Thermal Sealer

Frimaq TSA Automatic Thermal Sealer
Frimaq TSA Automatic Thermal Sealer

For larger production we have many automated options including our TSA linear systems. 

Cardboard Base Machines

Frimaq Cardboard Base Machines
Frimaq Cardboard Base Machines

These systems can help reduce plastic waste by as much as 80% while enhancing shelf-appeal, convenience and food quality.  

Frimaq cardboard base machines provide a complete ‘start to finish’ thermofromer systems as well as modular ‘clip-in’ systems. As a result, Vacpack offers an extensive range of cardboard base products as well as stand alone, semi-automatic and automatic cardboard base packaging systems.

Bases can even be pre-printed with individualised business logos and images to increase visual appeal, brand awareness and consumer recognition.