Vacpacks PanSavers are heat resistant pan liners which protect your GN pans. Line your pans with PanSavers, Keep food in a bain-marie or even cook your lasagnes in the oven up to 204°C.

After taking the food from the pans, just take away the liner! Why scrub… When all you need to do is sanitize!

Not only do Vacpacks Pansavers save a lot of cleaning work, they’re also a very clean and hygienic way to work. No risk of food contamination with a new liner.

Benefits of using Vacpacks Pan Savers
Eliminates baked-on and burnt on food
Save time and money
Improve food quality and taste because moisture will stay in your pans
Save on water and energy

Size Dimensions (mm) Height (mm)
1/2 GN Pan Shallow 325 x 265 65
1/1 GN Pan Shallow 530 x 325 65-100
1/2 GN Pan Deep 325 x 265 100-150
1/1 GN Pan Deep 530 x 325 150