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Vacpacks Domestic Vacuum Bags are designed for use with a domestic Vacuum Sealer where channels are needed to evacuate the air.
Vacpacks Micro Channel Domestic Vacuum Bags are designed to stop freezer burn and ensure safe and long storage life.
Used for: Meat, Seafood, Cheese, Bread & Bakery, Eggs, Liquids, Fresh Produce, Ready meals, and Sous Vide cooking
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Product description

Vacpacks domestic vacuum bags have a textured internal surface to allow for use on any domestic vacuum packing machine. This allows for fast and efficient extraction of the air from the bag.
The textured bag leaves small gaps for the air to be sucked out before the final heat seal is applied.
Vacpack Micro Channel domestic vacuum bags are constructed from tough multi-layer laminates which ensure exceptional strength and resistance to tearing or puncturing. This is critical when packing foods with sharp bones or shells.
Over time some vacuum bags will allow air to seep through the film and in to the bag, which obviously defeats the purpose of vacuum packaging in the first place.
Our Vacpack multi layered bags will hold the vacuum indefinitely and thus ensuring your food stays fresher for longer.Used for: Meat, Seafood, Cheese, Bread & Bakery, Eggs, Liquids, Fresh Produce, Ready meals, and Sous Vide cooking.The process of vacuum packaging removes the air out of the pack and seals it so no air can get back in and ruin the food. This results in a much longer shelf life and if freezing, you dramatically reduce the impact the freezer has on products while preserving the taste.
Removing oxygen also dramatically reduces the growth of mold, bacteria, and yeast, all which need oxygen to grow and reproduce.

Sizes available:
150mm x 200mm
165mm x 250mm
200mm x 300mm
250mm x 350mm
280mm x 400mm

85 micron
BPA free
Food safe
Competitive pricing

To be used with Vacpacks VS100 Domestic Vacuum Packer and Vacpacks VS305 Domestic Vacuum Packer

We also supply Domestic Micro Channel Rolls
All packed in bundles in each carton. Comply with USFDA requirements.

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150×200 per 100, 165×250 per 100, 200×300 per 100, 250×350 per 100, 280×400 per 100, 150×200 per 1,000, 165×250 per 1,000, 200×300 per 1,000, 250×350 per 1,000, 280×400 per 1,000


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