3 Layer Washable Linen/PP Face Masks


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Sorry we are currently out of stock,

We are working on getting more of these manufatured however demand has been high recently and working in a level 4 manufacturing facility is very limited

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Available in packs of 2, 5 or 10 masks.

Comfortable, washable, reusable face mask designed and made in New Zealand with the aim to reduce the spread of person-to-person viruses.

The triple layer design consists of a breathable 100% linen outer, a polypropylene non-woven core (this is the same material used in disposable surgical masks) and a 100% white cotton lining. Elastic straps that fit behind the head, so you can comfortably wear this mask for extended periods.

Washable face coverings are a suggested item for everyone.  We are now supplying huge numbers of these around NZ, Australia and the UK.

A home washable mouth covering, which means you are doing your bit for the environment by reducing the volume of single-use masks ending up in landfills. Treat it like another item of clothing, which you wash at the end and have ready for the next time you need to protect yourself, or the people around you.

Vacpack washable face masks are designed and made by highly skilled, experienced crafts people in New Zealand.  We are helping New Zealanders get on with day to day activities.

We have customers using them in busy food prep and manufacturing environments where cleanliness is imperative.

Disclosure: We are not claiming nor can we guarantee these masks can stop the transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Will help reduce the amount of airborne particles exhaled + inhaled, and contact between the wearers hands and mouth + nose.

It is recommend washing before first use.

For larger runs we can do different colour’s or custom printing on the face masks


  • One Size – suitable for adults
    Smaller sizes available on request


  • You can tighten the tension of the elastic straps by retying to suit.


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