What is blast chilling?

Department of Health Guidelines state that to safely Blast Chill food its temperature must be reduced from +70ºC to +3ºC or below within 90 minutes. The Foster range exceeds this requirement and can safely blast chill food within 90 minutes even from a starting temperature of +90ºC.

As the first company to introduce blast chilling to the industry, Foster offer a superb range of blast chillers and freezers, including their blast chillers and occasional freezers range.
These are specially designed with a tray loading feature to utilise storage space and guarantee food safety.

By swiftly reducing the temperature of food, our blast chillers and shock freezers ensure cooked food retains its quality.

Blast Chiller

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Basic Principles Of Blast Chilling And Freezing

Current food legislation requires that all food must be cooled as quickly as possible. This means that whenever food is chilled or frozen, it must be in the “Danger Zone” between +8ºC and +68ºC, where bacteria multiply fastest, for as little time as possible

Blast Chiller In Use

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