Cook Chill Step 1: Cook

Cooking Kettles

Vacpack supply 40 – 470L top of the line Dieta Kettles that attach directly to our filling station.

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Cook Kettle

Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller

A Cook Tank automates large batch Sous Vide Cooking with precise temperature control and automatically cooling after the cook.

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Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller, blast chiller

Sous Vide

Our Clifton Sous Vide cookers offer precise temperature control for the best sous vide cooking experience & the best warranty on the market.

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Sous Vide - Immersion Circulator

Pressure Cooker Cutter

An all in one pressure cooker, cutter for texture modified foods.

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Pressure Cooker Cutter, commercial kitchen fit out

Speedy Cutter

Texture modifying food processor.

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Speedy Cutter

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