Thanks to their versatility, our kettles work perfectly
in both fine dining and mass catering kitchens.

Mixing/Cooking Kettles

The key to success in any commercial kitchen is good equipment.

Our range of Dieta & Nilma kettles are efficient and fully programmable. They offer a wide range of functions that simplify processes and reduce manual labour in the kitchen.

vacpack innovation in food industry Dieta Kettles

All kinds of food, hot and cold, can be mixed efficiently and effortlessly.

The commercial Dieta kettles we offer range from 40L – 470L.

The Industrial Nilma kettles we offer range from 1000.

Hygiene, Ergonomics and Safety

Hygiene a Priority

The kettle body is fully welded and does not have any unhygienic engravings or joints.
The electrical components and water components are located in dedicated columns – electricals in the right leg and water in the left leg.

Optimal kitchen ergonomics

A water tap has been integrated into the kettle body so that water can be added easily during the cooking process without opening the lid.

The electronic tilting makes the kettles easy to empty. There is plenty of room under the lip for a trolley or a standard GN-sized container. Front pumping valve will completely empty the kettle.

The mixing tool has a unique three-part construction. The parts can be removed and washed separately in a dish washer.

Effective Heating

A standout feature for our kettles is the full side and bottom jacket and is designed to operate at 1.5 bar of pressure. Its temperature can be set as high as 125 °C, allowing rapid heating.

Our kettles are a high value addition to any food manufacturing business or central production kitchen..

A wide range of menus can be produced, including, sauces, curries, stews, casseroles, custards, hot or cold desserts. By using the mixer on high speed even mashed potato and pumpkin can be produced

Can be used as a large mixing bowl for cold mixing, including minced or diced meat, diced veg, dessert & pie filling.

Equipped with tri-clover clamp making these kettles easy to pump, decant and clean.

Can also be used as a large boiling unit without agitator.

Step 1: Cook - Effective Heating

Green Performance

Recyclable materials make up more than 90% of the total weight of the kettles. All metal parts can be reused. Most of the metalwork is either stainless steel or brass. All plastic parts can be melted and remoulded.

All aspects of the kettles have been specially designed, and they are continuously improving with special attention to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

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