Vertical Vacuum Cooker Speedy Cutter

Texture modified food is a huge part of today’s meal prep industry. Weather its for medical reasons or baby food the Nilma Vertical Vacuum Cooker Cutter is the top of the line option.

DSF 40-70-90-120 represent the complete Nilma Heated Vertical Vacuum Cutter range.
Extremely versatile, they have large purpose in centralised kitchens, gastronomic laboratories and food industries.

The main advantage of Speedy Cutter DSF application is the versatility because it allows for several different food preparation and cooking processes with one machine.

The Speedy Cutter DSF simplifies the process with 2 machines in 1 with the cooking and blending process done in a pressurised vessel meaning up 40% cost savings

Pressure Cooker Cutter


It blends, crumbles, homogenizes with adjustable speeds. Many products such as cheese, meat, eggs, vegetables, fresh and dry fruit can be turned into a texture friendly meal.

It kneads, mixes and whips mayonnaise, pesto sauce, bakery products and so on.

It melts, heats, cooks and cools (optional), according to the Cook Chill standards; sauces, creams, pâté, velvet sauce, Bolognese sauce, purée, cheese and chocolate.

Finally, it can also cook under vacuum: sauces, jams, conserves at far lower temperatures, maintaining flavour and nourishing characteristics of the products, intensifying colour and presentation of the product.

Pressure Cooker Cutter - Jams, Sauces and Preserves
Pressure Cooker Cutter - Sauces, Creams and Purees

Hygiene, ergonomics and safety

The products are not exposed to any air from the time the ingredients are placed in the cooker until the customer opens the pack. Meaning this is by far the safest and highly efficient way of cooking and packing texture modified products.

Pressure Cooker Cutter - Texture Modified Foods

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