Another piece of equipment that pairs with a kettle to create texture modified food.

This cutter is the entry level machine for texture modification for purees, sauces, baby food or medical requirements.

DSF 40-70-90-120 make up the Nilma Speedy cutter range with the number being the litres each will hold.

Extremely versatile, they have large purpose in centralised kitchens, gastronomic laboratories and food industries.

The Speedy Cutter can be fitted with a pumping valve to pump directly to a filling station for your bags, trays or storage containers.

Speedy Cutter

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It blends, grates, chops, beats, liquidise, minces or strains with interchangeable heads and adjustable speeds. Many products such as cheese, meat, eggs, cream, vegetables, fresh and dry fruit.

These products can be turned into your desired consistency or mixed into a new product such as aioli or mayo.

Speedy Cutter - purees, sauces, baby food or medical requirements.

Design Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel for a long life expectancy
  • Bowl made in a Satin Stainless finish to make it easy to empty the contents
  • Hinged lid with seal and clamp to remove any chance of spillage.
  • Levers to tip and hold bowl in desired pouring position this means its easy to empty
  • Removeable serrated crescent shaped blades for a reliable cut and mix of the product
Speedy Cutter

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