Adjustable bagging volumes, temperature monitoring, direct priniting and more.

The Regethermic Vertical Form Fill, Seal machine is fully automated filling designed for hot or cold filling solutions

It has adjustable bagging volume control while offering full temperature monitoring of the product while being pumped.

The machine has direct printing capabilities for batch, date and product info.

Fully automatic in this case means from the time the products are put into the kettles they are not exposed to any contaminants. Pumped directly from the kettle to the finished bagged product it the most efficient Cook Chill application available.

food pouch filling machine, Cook Chill - Vertical Form Fill and Seal

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Complete Intergration

Our Vertical Form, Fill, Sealing machine is ideal to pair with a pumping unit connection between a Dieta Kettle.

The Vertical Form Fill seal machines are auto adjustable from 300ml to 4L.

The machine will pump through a high-volume product up to 15 bags per minute so is ideal to pair with a good size kettle.

We supply plain and printed film to suit the VFFS machine.

Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine

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