The Regethermic mobile Pumpfill Station offer flixibility for hot and cold filling appliactions.

It has adjustable bagging volume control while offering full temperature monitoring of the product while being pumped.

The drawing of products and measurement is done with a piston draw which makes sure the integrity of the product is kept.

The semi automatic application has full hand control with preset volumes pumping into  each bag.

Once filled the machine either has a heat sealing bar or clipper fitted.

Mobile Pumpfill Station

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Complete Intergration

The Pumpfill station directly connects with one of our range of Kettles through the pumping valve on the Dieta Kettles

The Pumpfill Stations are auto adjustable from 500ml to 4.5L.

They pair perfectly with our Vacuum Bags and Cook Chill Bags but can be used with Trays or bottles.

Pumpfill Station with New Controller and Kettles

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