NZ Eco-Friendly Packaging Products by Vacpack

Vacpack offers a range of eco-friendly packaging in NZ, including biodegradable and compostable packaging for food and non-perishable products in the form of barrier films, bags and pouches. 

Our range of non-biodegradable vacuum sealing bags can be cleaned and recycled alongside your soft plastics.

Bio Trolley Cover

Biodegradable Trolley Covers are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap and cloth covers.

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vacpack Biodegradable Trolley Covers, eco friendly packaging nz

Biodegradable Piping Bags

Vacpack is delighted to be able to offer Oceania’s first and only disposable, Biodegradable Piping Bags.

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Vacpack Bio-Degradable Piping Bags

Custom Manufactured Bags

We are leading the way for compostable barrier films, now offering 100% compostable custom printed bags and pouches.

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vacpack CUSTOM MANUFACTURED BAGS, compostable packaging for food

Air Purifier Pads

AirMop Air Purifier Pads remove unwanted odours & moisture. Eliminates harmful airborne bacteria, mould & chemicals with an easy to assemble the stand. AirMop improves the health & safety of your home as it purifies the air, not just masking the odour.

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Smelly Spill Sand

AirMop Smelly Spill Sand is formulated to mop up spills that smell!

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Airmop Combo Deal

AirMop Smelly Spill Sand and Air Purifier Pads have been formulated to work side by side to combat any nasty odours or spills that seriously smell.

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Air Purefier Pads and Spill Sand

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