Biodegradable Trolley Covers are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap and cloth covers.

Easier & quicker to use, ensuring your food has less exposure to external factors that may damage & spoil it.

100 pieces per roll

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  • Environmentally friendly
  • Covers trolleys thus food is ready for transport
  • Freezer Proof
  • Strong
  • Minimal static


  • Small: 585mm wide x 2000mm high x 580mm side
  • Medium: 700mm wide x 2000mm high x 650mm side
  • Large Short: 1250mm wide x 1600mm high x 700mm side
  • Large Long: 1250mm wide x 2000mm high x 700mm side
Vacpack also supplies a very handy bracket which enables you to pull the trolley cover over the trolley in a very quick way for food serving.
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