Create visual shelf impact while extending the shelf life of your products

Turbovac Immersion Hot Dip Tanks work on precise temperature control which specially set 1-2 second dip times.

With these specific temperatures and times there is no degradation to the product with the hot water and it preserves the natural look of the product.

With our quality shrink bags vacuum packed, then placed through the dip tank you will get up to 50% shrink rate, reducing the waste plastic around the products and improving visual shelf impact.

Ideal for special butcher cuts of meat and cheese

Our range includes 2 size tanks, Plus the ability to include a fully automated conveyor roller line with your vacuum packaging system

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Hot Dip Tank Range

Turbovac Diptank TV 55 75Basic Platform

Turbovac Diptank T55 75with in-output

Turbovac Diptank T55 75 with in-output 1000x1000 noflip

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