Stand up food pouch suppliers

The name says it all, a pouch that stands to deliver great presentation for your product.

A Stand-Up pouch is used for liquid or dry products when being displayed on a shelf. When shelf space is a premium for most retailers, a stand-up pouch offers efficient use of their shelf space.

Working closely with some of the top food pouch manufacturers, Vacpack stocks a range of food pouches that offers a high barrier for Vacuum Packing or Modified Atmosphere Gas Flushing to extend the shelf life of most products.

Our customers use these for Sauces & Dressings, Coffee, Liquids, Nuts, Fruits, Soups & Stocks, Cereals and Powder products.

At Vacpack, we can also provide pouch filling machines to further streamline your production process as well as custom branded pouches and labels to complete your presentation. Call our team for more information.

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Custom Stand-Up Pouches

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