Vacpack offers a range of trays and bases to suit our tray sealers or your current machine. Our products are designed to be better for the environment, hygienic, safe, convenient and visually appealing.

Eco-friendly food packaging is now a key expectation not a differentiator. In addition, consumers also want packaging to be safe, visually appealing, user-friendly and easy to dispose of.

At Vacpack, we have your business covered. We can help maximise your business branding and eco-friendly associations with customised branding on cardboard bases. We are committed to working with you to find a system suits your individual business needs.

We are leading the way with cardboard base options and boards.

Check out our comprehensive range of RPET, CPET and cardboard based trays:


Eco-Friendly RPET Trays
Eco-Friendly RPET Trays

Vacpack’s RPET trays are safe, attractive and eco-friendly.

This means our trays are made from recycled PET and are attractive and provide good barrier and sealing properties.

Our quality RPET material provides protection from leaks, damage and contamination while being ethically appealing.

The result is a hygienic and attractive chiller display perfect for products like fresh meat and fish.


Eco-Friendly CPET Trays
CPET Trays

At Vacpack, our CPET trays are perfect for ready meals. They are attractive, hygienic and eco-friendly.

Most importantly, they tolerate temperatures from -20°C to +220°C. This means finished products can be both safely and easily frozen and reheated.

Our new natural colour trays are designed to be fully recyclable. As a result, they can easily be collected through all council collections and recycled in New Zealand.

CPET trays are available in natural and black.


 Eco-Friendly Cardboard Trays
Eco-Friendly Cardboard Trays and Bases

Vacpack’s ground-breaking cardboard base systems maximize the use of recyclable materials and eliminate excess plastic usage.

As a result of using laminated cardboard, they can help reduce plastic waste by as much as 80%. The result is an end-product which is safe, hygienic, attractive and environmentally friendly.

Cardboard trays and bases can also be branded with your business images and logos. As a result, they can be used as an effective tool for increasing shelf impacts, brand awareness and consumer recognition.