At Vacpack, we have worked hard to ensure our recycled plastic RPET trays are not just eco-friendly. We also wanted them to look good while offering premium food protection and genuine usability.

Packaging meat or fish requires producers and suppliers to adhere to stringent hygiene levels. As a result, we have found that food retailers often prefer plastic trays sealed with clear wrap when packaging these items.  However with environmental concerns on the rise amongst consumers these trays now need to be eco-friendly as well as safe and attractive. (read the full article here).

This is what makes our range of recycled plastic RPET trays the perfect eco-friendly food packaging solution. The plastics used in our trays avoid mixing recycled content with new resin and clear trays are 100% RPET and fully recyclable. For fresh meat and fish, Vacpack’s RPET trays provide a hygienic, light weight and attractive chiller display while protecting meat and fish products from leaks, damage and contamination.

Products look great while make customers feel comfortable that products are hygienic and safe. As a result consumers can feel good about purchasing your product while raising awareness of recycling.

The benefits of using Vacpack’s recycled plastic RPET trays

  • Available in many sizes and shapes
  • Recyclable
  • Excellent quality
  • Lidding film available
  • Easy peel and anti-fog
  • Freezable
  • Multiple depths for portion control
  • Glossy attractive finish
  • Good barrier properties
  • Good sealing properties
  • Leak proof seal
Recycled RPET Trays

How it works

Traditionally, food packaging production used raw materials in a linear fashion: Raw materials were mined -> Used -> Dumped in a landfill.

This generates a high volume of waste and quickly burns through finite resources, giving very little consideration to sustainability or community impacts.

On the other hand, our RPETs engage producers in a cyclical system: