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Vacuum sealing removes air from your packaging and seals in your product in an airtight environment, not only offering protection from the environment but also extending the shelf life of fresh produce up to five times longer than standard refrigeration storage. Vacuum packaging is ideal for meat and other fresh or cooked produce.

Commercial vacuum sealing also saves you time and money and helps the environment by reducing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Vacpack offers a wide range of Vacuum Packers. Our commercial food vacuum packaging machines are ideal for larger production lines, whereas our benchtop vacuum packers are great in restaurants, cafes and smaller food production kitchens. We also have smaller vacuum packers for domestic household use.

We will guide you through the process by putting together the most suitable Vacuum Sealer or Modified Atmosphere Packaging System to suit your application and budget.

With our wide range of quality systems from our Snorkel Vacuum Packer, Bench Top, Freestanding or Double Chamber Vacuum Packers and Automatic Systems we have a solution for every job. We also supply vacuum machines for the medical, pharmaceutical & non-food industries.

With some simple questions we will tailor a specific quote from our wide range of systems to suit your needs.


  • Extend shelf life
  • Hygienic barrier packaging
  • Enhance shelf appeal
  • Cost effective
  • Fits into HACCP hygiene procedures
  • Multiple uses e.g. Food Packaging, Electronics, Sterilized Products.
  • Digital control units

Snorkel Vacuum Packaging

Our Air Zero Snorkel Vacuum Packaging Systems are an extremely fast and efficient method of Vacuum Packing or Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) for a diverse range of products.

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snorkel AZ450 vacuum packers

Bench Top Vacpackers

Our Turbovac range of Bench Top Vacuum Packers are ideal for entry-level food manufacture and smaller production.

This range of machines offers all the quality engineering of our larger industrial Vacuum Sealing Machines in a smaller unit.

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meat vacuum packaging, vackpack bench top vacuum packer model S20

Freestanding Vacpackers

Our extensive Turbovac range of cost-effective Freestanding Vacuum Packers allow for much larger packs as well as multiple packs per cycle.

The range offers smaller price critical machines to larger full washdown stainless steel machines.

These units are popular for Butchers, Hotel Kitchens, Hospitals & Food Manufacturing.

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commercial vacuum sealing, vacpack Free standing Vacuum packer

Double Chamber Vacpackers

Double Chamber Vacuum Packers mean a big reduction in time spent packing your products.

Turbovac manufactures quality cost effective entry level double chamber machines through to large heavy duty, flat working surface, wash down machines. While one chamber is vacuuming and sealing an operator can be loading the other chamber.

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Automatic Vacuum Packing

Turbovac’s A5000 system offers automatic unloading and automatic swing lid operation.
This system is a must for larger productions wanting to take their packing speeds to a new level.

You will notice a huge reduction in operating costs when you get into our Commercial Automatic Vacuum packaging system.

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commercial vacuum sealing, vacpack automatic vacuum machine innovation in food industry

Domestic / Semi Commercial

Get all the benefits of Vacuum Packing at home with our VS100 Domestic and VS305 Semi-Commercial Vacuum Packers. These are great economical options for small to moderate use at home and small businesses.

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domestic vacuum sealing machine, Vacpack VS100 Combo

Vacuum Packer Consumables

Whether you are using our 70 or 100 micron stock Vacuum Bags or a Custom Manufactured Vacuum Bag, Stand up Pouch or Shrink Bag you are getting quality.

There is no limit to the options we can offer.

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vacpack Custom Manufactured Food Packaging Bags

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