Turbovac Bench Top Vacpack Machine Range

Best Choice for Restaurants, Hospitality Industry, Food Vendors, Caterers, Butchers, and Entry-level Food Manufacturers

Our range of Bench Top Vacuum Packaging machines are ideal for entry-level food manufacture and smaller production facilities.

Reliable, durable and innovative, this range offers value for money with simple clean and easily serviceable features.

Specially designed seal bar lengths for effective use with the most commonly used sizes of the vacuum bag.

Vacpack has manufactured custom trolleys that have proven to be a very popular option for saving bench space improving maneuverability and storage for our Bench Top Vacuum Packers.

Bench Top Information Pack
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Turbovac Bench Top Features

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  • Reduce operating costs including labour by 35% or more
  • Improve product yield buy up to 30%
  • Prepare food in bulk quantities to maintain freshness
  • Food on demand vs. Cook and serve
  • Consistent taste and quality

Bench Top Range

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