Snorkel Vacuum Packaging Systems are extremely fast and efficient


  • Fast vacuum speeds – Reduced packaging time and cost.
  • Gas Flushing (MAP) – Diverse range of options.
  • A 10mm wide seal across the range – Strong & secure seal every time.
  • Dual sealing element options – Seal thicker and gusseted bags
  • PLC controlled – Precise settings and digital indicators.
  • 9 Pre-programable functions – More operating options.
  • Twin cycle is available – Maximum vacuum & MAP effect.
  • Full stainless-steel construction – Longer life.
  • Seal bar widths from 450mm to 1200mm – Suits all bag sizes.
  • Vacuum by percentage, vacuum pressure, or both – Suitable for all products
  • Bench top or free-standing models – Suitable for all products

These units are now widely used in the food industry for virtually any food product, from liquids to fresh produce to powders, that require vacuum packaging or MAP.

Snorkel Vacuum Packers are also ideal for many hardware items where moisture and atmosphere needs to be eliminated from the pack. These include, electronic circuit cards and hardware items.

Bench Top – AZ Models

The Bench Top AZ-450e is our most popular model due to the 450mm wide seal length being suitable for most applications. All AZ Vacuum Packers are fitted with secure 10mm wide seals.

The products that this system can be used for are to extensive to mention here, but they include many food lines and hardware items.

Not limited to a 450mm sealing bar this horizontal machine can have up to an 800mm seal length.

snorkel AZ450 vacuum packers

Free Standing – AZA Models

The same as the bench top, but on adjustable stands.

free standing AZA Models vacuum packers

Larger Free Standing – AZV Models

The AZV models are for processing larger bags with seal bar options from 600mm wide to 1300mm wide or can be custom built to suit.

The most common use of this machine is packing larger 20-25kg bags. This is often used over a conveyor below the vertical sealing bars.


System Control

The operation on these systems is a simple to operate PLC. Many functions and features not normally available on other systems are provided as standard on the Air Zero machines. From the easy to read digital display, IP rated casing to the simple push fibre buttons.

Standard features also include, product counter, mode display, L.E.D. cycle indicator, vacuum by time or vacuum pressure, single or twin vacuum cycles – gas cycles, cycle stop button, front safety bar, seal only cycle, gas flush cycle.

ISO9001 & CE Certified.


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