Fast solutions to enable the production and packaging of hygienically prepared ready meals for takeaways and retail sales.

Food companies and restaurants are currently asking “what is the quickest and most simple method of tray packing and sealing ready meals to enable sales for takeaways or ready meals?” – the quick answer is to tray pack meals and vacuum pack them into barrier quality vacuum bags.

Tray packed, vacuum sealed meals are an easy method to set up, hygienically prepare and pack cooked food for retail sales and distribution.

Vacpack can offer tray sealing machines but the current 12-week manufacture time is a prohibiting factor for those producers wanting to get to market quickly. However if you need to get cooking, packing and distributing asap, your best option is one of our vacuum packaging machines and high barrier vacuum bags.

The process is as simple as sourcing CPET or foil trays, filling the tray with your meal or cooked, prepared food then simply slipping the whole tray into a vacuum bag and ‘Vacpacking it’ using one of our Vacpack machines.

Vacpack supplies the tried and true Turbovac range with either single or double sealing bars. This range is perfect for entry level single meal per cycle packaging or up to 4 meals per cycle with the twin sealing bar options.

Vacpack design systems and provide training to achieve the practical solutions to successfully become a part of everyday food production. With the main goal being less food waste, better yield, and a cost-effective kitchen.

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