Vacpack, Service and Repair

We have a full-time technical team for general service, maintenance, and repairs.  This service is not something we set out to make our living from so we like to think the service we offer compliments us as a machinery supplier, as all too many machines are bought into New Zealand without any available spares or back up.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and knowledge to recommend what’s best for our broad base of customers.

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Scheduled Services

All machinery requires preventative maintenance, we offer a hassle-free service.

We keep track of your machinery by type and offer a suggested maintenance schedule to best suit the specific machine type.  Once agree we keep track of the schedule and contact you when it is due.  We will never turn up unless agreed to by you.

We know preventative maintenance can seem costly and unnecessary, but  a breakdown in processing will always have an adverse effect on any business.

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Unexpected breakdowns usually occur at the worst possible time.  Our full-time technical team of specialists will quickly attend to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

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Spare Parts

We hold a comprehensive range of spare parts for all the machinery we supply.

Alternatively, if you have an onsite engineer, we can send the correct parts immediately or source them through our numerous industry contacts.

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Vacpack offer at least a 12 month warranty on all the machines we represent.

All our machines comply with New Zealand wiring regulations and are tested and tagged individually to ensure the safety of the end user.

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Important Notice*

We offer repairs and service on other machines. (not imported by Vacpack)

There are more and more machines appearing in New Zealand that do not comply with the NZ wiring regulations. These machines will not be serviced by us, if possible we can bring a machine up to the required standard. This also applies to any machine that we deem not to meet our health & safety regulations.