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We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with the worldwide premium vacuum packer manufacturer Turbovac

Turbovac has been manufacturing quality machines for over 60 years and was a huge influence in the invention and continued innovation of vacuum packing.

The new features we can offer with our Turbovac range are a game changer.

What can we offer?

Our new range starts with an entry-level Bench Top Vacuum Packer with a 270mm seal bar and goes through to full customisable Automatic Vacuum Packing Systems.

Why do you need Turbovac?

If you are looking for a new vacuum packer the reliability, exclusive features and cost-effective price make a Turbovac Vacuum Packer the best way to go.

How can you buy a Turbovac?

Check out the range at Vacpack website and give us a call  09 443 6301 we will sort you out with the best option

If you have a vacuum packer and its not a Turbovac you are missing out