What is Cook Chill in Food Production?

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Would you like to:

  • Extend the shelf life of prepared foods.

  • Reduce production frequency.

  • Save money on labour.

  • Reduce the cost of ingredients.

  • Reduce food waste.

  • Simplify distribution.

  • Cut packaging and storage costs.

cook chill

Cook Chill is the process of packing food products into bags at or above 83°C before sealing and crash cooling to below 4°C within 90 minutes.

The beauty of Cook Chill is it suits start up food production kitchens up to the largest commercials production facilities.

Food bacteria thrives when temperature controls are not adhered to and a product is not chilled down quickly enough.

Cook Chill simplifies this process, giving peace of mind that your products will be safe and hygienic for the consumer.

The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures. The result is a longer safe shelf life on numerous (mostly chilled) food products.

Cook Chill Systems have the added benefit of maintaining food quality, nutritional value, flavour, and appearance.

When required, the food is regenerated before serving.

The production system itself is simple to operate when well managed, and completely safe provided the guidelines on temperature and time are followed.

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