What is Sous Vide?

“Sous Vide” is French for under vacuum.  It is a cooking method where vacuum-sealed food with the appropriate seasonings, are cooked at a precise temperature for a minimum period until the food is cooked perfectly, every time.


Some foods will be cooked at low temperatures for as long as 100 hours to achieve the desired effect.

If you have ever had an amazing steak, ribs that fall off the bone, a perfectly cooked poached egg that has arrived 2 minutes after you order it, a shank that is juicy and tender you have probably experienced sous vide cooking.

We supply a Clifton Sous Vide Circulator with a 2-year warranty


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vacpack innovation in food industry sous vide

Features and Benefits of Clifton


Clamp-on immersion circulator – Fitted in seconds, reduced risk of dropping in water.

Circulate 50L of water – Allowing for more to be cooked at one time.

Portable and efficient size – Easily stored away when not in use, Optional carry case

Accurate temperature control – 0.1˚C accurate precise cooking for perfect food

Timer – 1minute – 99 hour timer accurate cooking times

Majority of parts Stainless steel – Quality looks and durability. Bags won’t touch heater or stirrer

Moving parts are stainless steel – 2 Year Warranty, Peace of mind the unit will not break down.

Immobilised at low water level – No risk of burning out the unit or starting a fire

Waterproof wipe control panel – Takes away the risk of water getting into the unit.