We have learnt something about Cook Chill and we need to share it with everyone!

Through our discussions with existing food manufacturers, we have realised most companies can start cook-chill with minimal setup costs.

Many companies we have been set up with the Cook Chill System have been blown away that they could achieve Cook Chill results using only their current equipment.

90% of the companies we have been crossing over to a Cook Chill System have found the only up-front cost they have is buying our Cook Chill bags.

If you have your cooking equipment, a large tub for water or a blast chiller and a heat sealer you can start Cook Chill immediately.

We can send sample bags for you to test the process and the results.  We are then happy to help you set up what you require.

We have been asked a few times now how we benefit from it as we don’t end up selling any equipment just bags.  We are more than happy with this as we like that we can educate people and assist with the processes and saving companies money.

vacpack cook seal chill